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Tips on How to Choose the Right Push Button Switch

by zhangxiao 28 Nov 2022 0 Comments

There are no complicated calculations involved in determining the effectiveness of a push button switch. Because most switches are cheap and easy to use, their features and capabilities are sometimes overlooked during the buying process. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of available options when selecting a switch, although there are some application-specific criteria that you should follow when making your selection.

What is a Push Button Switch?


A button switch is a mechanical or electronic switch used to activate a specified response. Push switches, often called pushbutton switches or push switches, are a frequent fixture in both the home and the office. In most cases, the push button will be constructed of plastic or metal and can be designed according to user specifications. You can choose from several different types of push button switches. Mechanical pushbutton switches are classified by their activation mechanism. Typically, a plunger is used to apply pressure on the switch.


How does a push button switch work?


Push button switches use similar mechanisms in their function. Depending on the compression of the internal springs at the bottom of the switch, the pressure either closes or opens the electrical circuit. The push button's status will change due to the spring retraction after being compressed repeatedly. Pick from pushbuttons with normally closed or open contacts that switch states when pressed. The constant pressure applied to the button triggers a momentary switch's operation and holds that position until further pressure is exerted within a latched push button.

12mm push button switch

How do I choose the right push button?


Identify Operator Style


First, you need to take style into account. You can choose a button type that matches your machine's appearance from various styles. A standard pushbutton component is the bezel that surrounds the operator and is often either silver or black. In addition, there are two further design options: surface mount, where the button protrudes from the machine's surface, and flush mount, where the button merges into the surface.


Should Meet Physical Demands


Where will the push button operate? Application in medical devices, for instance, requires parts that can withstand environmental hazards and rigorous handling while performing properly. The components of the design should be appropriate. Ensure that each design component is appropriate for the rigorous conditions in which the push button switch will operate. Making the right option is essential for guaranteeing solid results, high durability, and switch quality because switches are an essential component of user and machine interaction.


Consider the Diameter or Size


Next, you should consider the diameter or size of the button you're looking for. In lightweight applications, including elevators, panels, industrial equipment, and engineering, a 22mm push button is frequently utilized.

size compare to 16mm and 22mm

A 30mm push button is usually better for large industrial uses, including petrochemical industries, water and sewage systems, heavy machinery, and oil and gas production.


Get to Know the System


How should your push button switch function? Switch connections are ordinarily closed and typically used with fail safe locks or open, regular fail-secure locking mechanisms. When a switch is engaged by pushing a button on open contact, power is not delivered until the circuit is complete, and the lock is removed while steady power is delivered to closed connections. The switch is turned on by pressing the button, interrupting the circuit and releasing the lock.


Additional Function


Also, please consider whether your push button switch will need to do any more tasks outside controlling locks, such as controlling the exit input of an access control system or whether it has a timer circuit and needs the power to function. Additionally, when considering options such as momentary or alternate action switches, it's important to consider the overall function of the entire access control system, considering the intended function and the number of inputs and parts required.


Take Away


The value of any equipment is only as excellent as its basic components. Switches need to adjust to the characteristics of the design concepts you employ them in, whether they're part of an intricate panel entry system or just regular machinery. If you take into account the mentioned tips, you can be certain in selecting the best switch for your application.

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