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Different Types of Emergency Switches

by Huyu 24 May 2023 0 Comments

While machines significantly work to ensure we get work done effectively, they can also pose a potential danger when something goes wrong. That is why it is critical to have an emergency switch to disconnect power in an emergency. E-stops are the most common types of emergency switches.

They are common in factories and construction sites due to their ability to automatically interrupt power to equipment or machine in an emergency. Stick along for a detailed insight into the different types of emergency switches and how they function. 


Push-Button Emergency Switches


The first thing that will probably come to your mind when we talk of push buttons is a big red button, which is pressed to disconnect power. Well, this type is known as a push-button switch. It is used in various industrial settings and equipment, such as manufacturing machines, elevators, and conveyor systems.

They are typically mounted in an easily accessible location, such as near the equipment's control panel or a nearby wall. The switch comprises a large red button that, when pressed, immediately shuts off the power to the machine or equipment.

red mushroom push button switch

Safety Interlock Switches


As the name suggests, safety interlock switches are all about safety. They are designed to prevent the equipment from operating unless certain safety conditions are met. You will mostly find safety interlock switches in applications where the operator needs to be protected from the hazardous energy of the equipment. They are common in factories with large machinery or automated systems.

Safety interlock switches can take many forms, such as magnetic and key switches. Besides, they are also used in conjunction with other safety features, such as guards and barriers, to provide a high level of protection for the person using the switch.


Cable Pull Emergency Switches


Cable or rope pull emergency switches are another type of emergency switches common in industrial settings. They are designed to be used in areas where a push-button switch may not be easily accessible, such as in a hazardous environment or on a large piece of machinery.

Technically, they consist of a cable that runs along the length of the equipment, with a switch at each end. When the cable is pulled, the controller is activated, and the power to the equipment is immediately shut off.

You will find them in packaging machines, conveyor systems, and other large equipment where workers or operators may need to shut off the power from a distance quickly.


Explosion-Proof Emergency Switches

As you might have guessed, these switches are designed to be explosion-proof. They are used in hazardous environments where explosive gases or materials may be present. Ideally, their main aim is to prevent the ignition of explicit materials by providing a spark-proof barrier between the switch contacts.

Some industrial settings where explosion-proof switches are used include oil and gas, chemical, and mining industries. They are often found on equipment such as compressors, pumps, and other machinery likely to come into contact with flammable materials.


Twist-Release Emergency Switches

 What if switching off a machine or equipment can cause more harm than good? Twist-release emergency switches prevent accidentally switching off a machine or equipment. Their design requires a deliberate action such as twisting to activate the switch and disconnect power.

Twist-release emergency switches are commonly used in laboratory settings or on medical equipment. They are mounted on an easy-to-access location, such as on a nearby wall or near the equipment.


Foot-Operated Emergency Switches

Foot-operated emergency switches are used in applications where the operator's hands may be occupied, such as when working with large machinery or handling heavy objects. These switches are designed to be operated by the foot, allowing the operator to quickly shut off the power without using their hands.

Foot-operated emergency switches are commonly used in the manufacturing, packaging, and transportation industries. You will also find them on conveyor systems, pallet jacks, and other equipment where the operator's hands may be occupied.


Final Thoughts

Emergency switches are undoubtedly one of the most critical equipment in industrial settings with machines. They enable you or your workers to shut down an engine quickly in an emergency. And now that you know the different types of emergency switches, choosing an option that suits you best based on your work will be easier.

Are you looking to install emergency switches in your place of work? At Apiele, we pride ourselves as one of the best companies with a wide range of quality industrial switches for different applications. Check out our website for the latest switches.

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