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How to wire a 4-pin push button switch?

by Huyu 06 May 2023 0 Comments

Pins increase the stability of a device when you install a push button on a circuit board. Even something as straightforward as connecting a 4-pin push-button switch could be difficult for some people. In this article, you’ll learn the basics of wiring a push-button switch.

In general, pushbuttons are open tactile switches. You can energize the circuit or establish a specific connection by pressing a button when necessary. When prompted, it completes the circuit and, when released, releases the connection. Additionally, a push button on the gate terminal can activate the SCR. Most buttons on electronic devices are designed in this way by experts.


Push button: How it works.


Most push-button switches operate uniformly. The internal contacts and spring are compressed when the actuator or switch is depressed, and the steady contact at the switch's base is touched. In either case, the electrical circuit will be opened or closed. The connection's status will change if the spring is forced to retract by repeatedly pressing the button.

Both normally open and normally closed push-button contacts are common types. The only way to activate a momentary switch is to hold down the button for an extended period. On the other hand, a latching push button will remain in place until you press it again.


Wiring Instructions: Push Button Starter Switch 


A push button activates the switch's drive mechanism, which connects or disengages the circuit's moving and static contacts. It's an electrical appliance with centralized control, a simple design, and device compatibility. In an automatic electrical control circuit, note that the contactors, electromagnetic starters, relays, and other components manually emit control signals.

You can initiate fundamental operations like starting and stopping with a short pushbutton switch. Each pushbutton switch has two contacts, one typically open and the other normally closed. The two contacts will start operating simultaneously when you press the button. The contacts that are normally closed and open are both damaged. Various push-button starter switches require different wiring techniques.

See the details below for information on how to wire a 4-pin pushbutton switch.

Wiring a Four-Pin Push-Button Switch


The pins are as follows: NC for normally closed, NO for ordinarily open, C for the public, and 2 for lamps. The lamp bead can be controlled by the switch alone or by additional circuitry with a standard bulb configuration that lacks polarity indications (both positive and negative). It makes the lamp bead more flexible.

Please note that you must use this item with the button harness that comes with it.

  • The wires for the LED light are available in two hues: red and black.
  • A yellow wire is the NC wire.
  • The color blue denotes a NO wire.
  • The public wire for the C-pin is green.

To suit your needs, you can produce wires in various colors, including the more popular white.

You need to use wires to connect screw terminal button switches. Typically, a ground, hot, and neutral connection wire the device.

The positive pole of the power supply should be connected to the green public wire on pin C, while the positive pole of the controlled appliance should be connected to the red LED light wire and the blue NO line should be connected to the ground.

A button press turns on the LED light and supplies power to the load after you connect the positive end of the black LED light wire to the negative end of the controlled appliance's power cord.

When the button is pressed again, the load is turned off, and the LED indicator also turns off. 


Take away


An electrical switch is merely a device for turning on or off an electrical circuit. The story might be condensed if that were all that could be said about switches. But a dizzying array of electrical switches is available, each with its features, requirements, and physical dimensions.

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