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Everything You Need to Know about Momentary Push button Switches

by zhangxiao 02 Nov 2022 0 Comments

A switch is a device that regulates whether an electric circuit is open or closed. They enable a circuit's current flow to be controlled (without the need to get in there and cut or connect the wires). Switches are essential components in every circuit that calls for human input or operation. 

There are countless switches available, including toggling, radial, DIP, momentary, drive, rocker, membrane, and the list goes on and on. Every one of these switch kinds has a collection of distinctive qualities that distinguish it from the others. Today we will discuss momentary push button switches and all you need to know about them.


What is a momentary switch push button?


This device enables contacts to remain closed or open during their normal rest state. Once actuated, the circuit shifts its state. This type of push button switch is non-latching which allows for a temporary shift in the state of a circuit, but only once the switch is actuated. 

A momentary push button switch immediately reverts to its natural state after being pressed down due to a spring fixed inside the button. However, this only happens when it's pressed or touched, depending on its design.


How does a momentary switch work


The push button's shape makes it possible for a person's finger to effortlessly operate the machine. Designs for multiple push button colors are available for devices with intricate operations and many buttons.

momentary push button switch

This makes it possible for users to determine what purpose the switch is intended to serve. There are many standards for button color and designs for everyday applications because many are utilized by many industries and domestic applications for different uses.

The majority of push button switches operate similarly. When the switch or actuator is pressed, the interior spring and contacts are depressed, allowing for the stable contacts to touch at the bottom of the switch. The circuit will be closed or opened as a result of this process. Repeated pressure application will result in the spring retracting, changing the button's connection's state.

Similar to a doorbell button that only activates when pushed and deactivates when released, a spring reverts the contacts to their regular resting position as soon as you release the switch, button, or rocker. In their altered form, they don't latch. However, many light or outlet contacts latch in the modified form until the state is changed by pressing the switch.


Applications of a momentary switch push button


Momentary switches are used in a wide variety of daily applications. A pushbutton in an elevator, for instance, functions as a push-to-break temporary switch that must be depressed to release the electromagnetic door. The push-to-make temporary buttons on a keyboard are also typical examples. A momentary push-button is best suited for applications that only need power for a brief period of time. 

This sort of switch, for instance, can be used in nurse call devices to trigger an alarm when a patient presses it. The alarm is engaged once the button is depressed, preventing continuous activation. The circuit for each key is finished when a button is pressed. Momentary switches can also be found in buzzers, alarm systems, or laser pointers.

These switches are frequently employed in both household and commercial settings:

  • Intercoms
  • Control boards
  • HVAC apparatus
  • Lighting components
  • Appliances used in homes
  • Test apparatus
  • Alarms and surveillance systems.


Advantages of momentary switch push button


Usually, plastic or metal is used to create the buttons. Momentary push buttons are a new switch developed for improved machine usage. Momentary push buttons have altered and greatly improved the construction of switches. Momentary push button switches have several benefits, which are listed below:

  • The momentary push buttons in any machinery or switchboards take up less room.
  • Momentary push buttons have increased firmness and usability.
  • Because momentary push buttons are connected to the device or switchboard, they are difficult to steal.
  • Compared to other switches, the price of the buttons is significantly lower.
  • Momentary push buttons are compact, making them easy to use anywhere.
  • Momentary push buttons can withstand higher voltages and short circuits but can also be damaged.




A major brand of such products in China is Yueqing Shi Aopi Electric Co, Ltd., which specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality metal switches, rocker switches, industrial switches, relays, etc. APIELE has a comprehensive selection of more than a thousand styles and sizes. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a deep insight and all you need to know about momentary push switch buttons.
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