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What Is a Switch Panel ?

by zhangxiao 28 Nov 2022 0 Comments

A switch panel is a device that allows a user to control various electrical components with the use of switches. Switch panels are often used in automobiles, boats, and RVs to provide easy access to various electrical systems.


Brief history 


Initially known as the rapid “break light switch”, the switch panel was created by English electrical engineer, inventor, Quaker, and forerunner of electric lighting John Henry Holmes (1857–1935).

The quick break light switch's underlying technology was cherished because it took less time to assemble the circuit, extending the switch's life. And still serves as the foundation for contemporary wall-mounted light switches.

Since then, switch panels have evolved various generations:

  • The pull-wire switch - A conventional mechanical switch that drives a microswitch to shut off the control line and shift the precision came through a shaft-driven torque spring. The widespread use of cable switches marks the introduction of electricity into everyday life. The initial generation of switches had numerous flaws, and so on, and eventually, it was time for a change.
  • The button switch - The term "button switch" refers to a switch that operates by pushing a button to engage the drive mechanism, engage or disengage the moving contact, disconnect the circuit, and engage the circuit. The application of button switches is more prevalent in some construction machinery, processing facilities, and other fields. Their structure is straightforward, reliable, and widely used.
  • The rocker switch - Various lights, computer speakers, televisions, and other domestic electrical equipment employ the rocker switch, sometimes called the ship-shaped switch, which is now the most widely used switch in the industry. It is so commonly used mostly because it makes daily life so much more convenient, is incredibly easy to use, has a high level of safety, and has a pretty lovely appearance.
  • The smart switch- Each generation of electrical switches in the first three generations of development delivered a significant rise in experience, and smart switches, whose degree of change is even more striking, can hardly be termed a "revolution," as seen with our Apiele switch panels.


 What is an APIELE switch panel?


An APIELE switch panel is a type of electrical panel used to help regulate and manage the flow of electricity in a given space. APIELE switch panels typically have multiple switches that can be used to control different aspects of the flow of electricity, making them a versatile and convenient option for managing electrical systems.

Due to their increased durability and ability to meet high electrical demands, these panels are frequently employed in commercial and industrial applications.

How to install a new APIELE switch panel


Follow this manual's easy instructions to set up and operate your new panel.

First, you'll need to gather the following tools and materials:

  • A screwdriver
  • A drill
  • A level
  • A tape measure

Once you have everything you need, follow these steps to install your new panel:

  • Cut the power to the area where you'll be working.
  • Remove the old switch panel.
  • The screws holding the panel in place may be removed with the screwdriver.
  • Drill holes for the new panel.
  • Attach the new panel to the wall.
  • Turn the power


How to wire a new APIELE switch panel


This process is relatively simple and only requires a few tools and materials.

First, you will need to gather the following tools and materials:

  • A screwdriver
  • A drill
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Electrical tape
  • A pen or marker
  • A drill bit (optional)


Once you have gathered all of the necessary tools and materials, you will need to follow these steps:

Shut off the electricity to the circuit you'll be working on. APIELE panels are made of metal and have screw slots for mounting. They're rectangular, with two horizontal rows of screw slots running down the entire length. Each panel has a cover plate that covers one end and screws directly into the wall. These plates are typically removable to allow for future customization. Placing new electrical panels is easy; you only need a drill, screws, and a utility knife.

After drilling a hole, you can add the screw slots. Each slot is labeled with the number of openings in the plate and one end of the panel. An electrician will typically run a ground wire from the electric service to each screw slot on each side of the panel. Next, you'll run your electric circuit from your electrical box to each switch in this panel. APIELE switches come with three or four connections for your circuit, depending on the model.

Once your new panel is complete, you can easily identify each switch by labeling them with tape or writing your name on them with marker pens. This makes it easy to know who has access to each switch when working on a repair project. You can also quickly find a specific switch by using your pen to mark it on your panel and then looking through your notes on where that particular outlet is located.

APIELE panels are great for home repair professionals because they're easy to wire and customize. Each panel comes with plenty of screw slots, so you can easily add your circuit connections without difficulty. Knowing which switches belong to which panel is easy, thanks to labeling or pen marks on each one.

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