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What does a push button do on a car?

by Huyu 25 May 2023 0 Comments

Since their introduction about twenty years ago, keyless ignition systems in vehicles have become nearly ubiquitous in the car industry. They started as exclusive features in high-end luxury car models but can now be found in all makes and models. One of the most significant driving forces behind the surge in the popularity of push-button systems in today’s cars is the availability of durable, reliable, stylish, and affordable push-button switch mechanisms.


We all understand, for the most part, how regular car keys work because we’ve had them around all our lives, but this does not apply to push-button start or keyless ignition systems. Despite their widespread appeal, most people don’t quite grasp how these systems work, which we will explore in this post.


Without further ado, let’s dive right in.


What is a Push Button Start System?


Most car owners start their vehicles by inserting their keys into the ignition slot and giving it a turn to get the engine turning over. Push button systems, also known as keyless ignition systems, do away with this process; all you need to do is push a button on your dashboard to start or stop it. 


While the obvious advantage of such a system will be the convenience of not carrying metal keys around with you, its primary function is minimizing the risk of car theft. To understand how these systems optimize your convenience, security, and comfort, we’ll need to closely examine how exactly these systems work.


How Do Push Button Start Systems Work?


When you turn your car key in the ignition, the motion brings two separate points into contact, completing a circuit that triggers your engine's electric start mechanism. Push-start button systems work in essentially the same way, except that the action of switch mechanisms replaces the mechanical movements of our keys and hands.


When you press the button on the dashboard of a keyless ignition vehicle, the pressure will force two previously separated contacts to meet, thereby sending the signal that turns your engine over. Depending on the make and model of the car in question, the specific wiring, hardware, and software details might vary slightly, but the overall concept remains constant in all instances.


Push button start systems are typically paired with wireless key fobs, small transmitters capable of delivering low-frequency signals to your car’s computer system. With the fob in your hand, you can lock, unlock, start, and stop your vehicle from a range of up to fifty yards in some instances.


Each key fob is explicitly paired with a particular vehicle’s computer system, meaning no one else can access or control your car without your specific key fob. Each vehicle’s ID signal is unique and will not respond to any other signal, even if it belongs to a vehicle that matches its make and model precisely.


The Advantages of Push Button Start Systems


  • Security: The foremost advantage of having a keyless ignition system in your car is the fact that it is almost impossible for car thieves to access, start, and drive off with your car in the traditional way. While keys can be duplicated and locks picked, the electronic security of push-button start systems is virtually impregnable to unauthorized persons. Moreover, many carjackings and muggins happen when the targeted victim is fumbling with their car keys as they try to open their car door. Being able to press a button to unlock and start your car quickly drastically reduces the window of opportunity presented to these criminals, thus optimizing your safety.
  • Comfort: People living with conditions such as arthritis might experience pain or discomfort when manually cranking the metal keys of traditional ignition systems and door locks. Push button systems make it much more comfortable for them to access and start their vehicles. 
  • Convenience: You can unlock your car doors and start your car engine with your hand in your purse, in your pocket, or even while carrying full loads of groceries in both hands as you make your way toward your car. During the cold winter months, you will also be able to start your car engine and allow it to warm up a bit before leaving the comfort of your home, helping you avoid the discomfort of exposing yourself to chilly conditions for extended periods.


Final Thoughts


Putting aside the superior security and convenience afforded by push-button start systems, they are also undeniably impressive pieces of technology that add luxury and elegance to any car. Nowadays, it’s possible to install push-button systems on cars that originally came with traditional key systems. The trick here is choosing the best push-button system available. 

Apiele is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of push-button switches used in countless keyless ignition systems and other vehicle systems worldwide. They are trusted because of their durability, stylishness, effectiveness, and affordability. If you’re considering installing, replacing, or upgrading your car’s push-button start system, make Apiele your first choice. You won’t regret it!

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