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Three Important Details for Choosing a Waterproof Switch

by zhangxiao 29 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Besides considering aspects such as cutting-edge designs and longevity, you must also consider safety when choosing a waterproof switch. This is particularly critical in wet areas like bathrooms, pools, or other moist areas with high electrical shock risks.

A reliable waterproof switch, for example, should not only function well even in moist areas but also address all the hidden dangers of electricity safety. 

Although there are numerous factors to consider when shopping for a waterproof switch, this article focuses on three key features you should never overlook.


1.Waterproof rating

The quality of a waterproof switch depends on its waterproof level. And the waterproof level is determined by the IP value or code (Ingress Protection). The idea here is to give users more information about the performance of a product instead of what is usually labeled by ingenuine and enticing advertising terms like “waterproof.” 

The IP rating rates and categorizes the degree of water, intrusion, and dust protection provided by a switch's electrical enclosures and mechanical casings.

Every IP code has four digits. The first number denotes solid particle protection, while the second signifies liquid or moisture protection. There may also be more digits that represent additional safeguards. 

For example, the IP code IP67 rating is usually found on switches that can be used in the presence of moisture. The 6 here shows that the switch is dustproof or tight. No dust can enter. The 7 shows that the switch is waterproof and it can still function if immersed in water up to 1m deep.

If you find 8 instead of 7, it simply means that other than water, the switch can handle more extreme conditions like deeper immersion or longer immersion time.

To recap the ratings above, see below:

  • IP6X: Dust-safe but not tested for water protection.
  • IP65: Dust-protected but only water-resistant. You can talk in the rain for a while, but it’s toast if you take it in the pool, lake, or ocean. 
  • IP66: Don’t worry about dust, but do not immerse it in water. 
  • IP67: You do not have to worry about dust. The switch can also be immersed in water up to one meter for 30 minutes. But note that it is not able to handle jets.
  • IP68: You do not have to worry about dust. The switch can also be immersed in underground water a few feet deeper for 30 minutes.


2. Brand

When buying important but delicate items like a waterproof switch, it is good to go for a brand with a well-known history and good reputation. This is because reputable brands have the resources and are known only to provide quality switches that have been tested by relevant government agencies. For example, a reliable waterproof switch must pass SGS or EU ENEC certification. APIELE is a major producer in China that specializes in the design and production of high-quality metal switches, rocker switches, industrial switches, relays, etc. Visit their website for quality products.

Couple that with the fact that the switch has been used by many satisfied users, and you can be sure you are buying a reliable and safe waterproof switch.


3. Service quality, features, and material


When buying a waterproof switch, it is always important to find out if the service provided by the company making the switch is of high quality. If the business guarantees service quality, then you can be sure that it can provide a great after-sales service. So, if you run into any problems while using the switch after buying, it will be easier to find somebody to help you out.

Another thing to look out for is features. The switch should have features that make it sturdy and robust enough to be used in a moist area. For example, this waterproof switch from APIELE is not only waterproof but also has a metal shell that can handle vibrations as well as other adverse environmental conditions.

30mm latching push button switch power logo

Also, it features a Golden plated Brass terminal that makes it operate stably even under 5A 12VDC. 

Good housing also makes sure that your switch is completely sealed and no water can get in. For example, the Black 10A Aluminum Alloy Ring LED Switch is made up of quality metal. Its IP code is IP65 which means it is not only waterproof protection, but you can also use it in dusty or wet environments.

Wrapping it up

The above three aspects are the three major details that need to be paid attention to when choosing a waterproof switch. Taking these three factors into account when choosing a switch will ensure its cost performance, safety, and quality. 

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