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How to Connect a Push Button Starter Switch

by Huyu 08 Jun 2023 0 Comments

The push-button switch has revolutionized several production processes. Investing in a reliable on/off push button switch in one's business has proven crucial. If you require push-button switches, give APIELE some thought. When you order with them, they will ensure you receive the right push-switch button, whether it's a push-off or push-on switch.

First, the user must push the working mechanism using the button, which engages the static contact and disengages the moving contact, completing the circuit. It's an electrical appliance that can be managed from one location, has a simple layout, and works with many other units.

The instructions for installing a push-button starting switch are provided below.


Step 1

It would help to disconnect the cable from the bottom of the battery. When you do this, you cut off the car's fuel supply.


Step 2

You need to access the ignition harness, typically located inside the dashboard. This area is close to the lock's keyhole. To cut the starter and ignition wires, once you reach this group of wires, you should remove the battery first. It would help if you acquired a circuit diagram for the car to understand what cables do.

You'll need to cut those wires and remove the ends to splice or solder them.

Install the switch by drilling a little hole in the dashboard. It's worth noting that this procedure, in addition to the others thus far, has the potential to damage your vehicle severely. It's okay to cut wires as long as it's possible to solder or splice them back together, but severing wires to the ignition could be dangerous.


Step 3

Then, strip off roughly a quarter of an inch of insulator from the 14-gauge wire. You must attach a terminal to its back to use the push button switch. Crimp on the push-button switch to the wire.


Step 4

Now pop the hood and find the starter solenoid. It would help if you fed the crimped wire through the firewall to the starter solenoid. Join this wire to a terminal. Join this end to the solenoid connector for the starter.


Step 5

It would help if you now connected a wire to the battery's positive terminal. Put the switch's wire end onto the opposite end of the cable. Get the negative battery cable back in its original position.


Step 6

Give it a try now that everything is hooked in. Switch the ignition to the "On" position. Just turn the light on. Just hit the switch. If you have successfully wired the engine, it will turn over. It's up to you where you put the buttons and switches on the dashboard now, so assemble it again. The switch and button can be exposed by drilling holes in the dashboard or concealed beneath the paneling.


Step 7


Alright! Like the latest and greatest high-end sports vehicles, rocket ships, and computers, your car now has a push-button ignition. Indeed, please put it on display; that's why you worked so hard. Put up a photo for everyone to view if you can.


Take away


A simple push-button switch can initiate fundamental operations like starting and stopping. One set of contacts is generally open, and the other is usually closed in each push button switch. When you push the button, the two contacts will begin operating simultaneously.

The connection between the two types of contacts, which would ordinarily be open and closed, is broken. Fortunately, you can find a great aftermarket push-start system for almost any car. Several of these kits also double as car alarms, including everything you need to start your vehicle at the touch of a button remotely.

In addition to APIELE's low prices and quantity discounts, ordering the push button start switch is smart. As a bonus, the push button will arrive quickly and cheaply. Please get in touch with them today so they can assist you in acquiring the appropriate push buttons for your company. Their primary focus and area of competence are switches. They can only claim they are the top provider in quality, innovation, and pricing if they can prove it. APIELE recognizes that a reasonable price and high-quality combination are essential to its success.
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