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How do you replace a push button light switch?

by Huyu 06 May 2023 0 Comments

Push button light switches were common in the past, but most people still use them. If you are looking for a switch for your home and want to go retro, this would work for you. It looks amazing in the house and alternates positions on and off.

While there are other switch options, you might stay with your old push-button switch but change it up a bit. Here is how you go about replacing this push button switch.


Get the right tools

Before anything else, ensure you have the right tools for the task. Get the right light switch with a matching switch cover plate. If your previous switch was fastened with those, you would also need a screwdriver.

Ensure the screwdriver you get can work on both the plate and the switch screws. If they are a different size, you might need two different screwdrivers. With the right tools, you can move on to the next step.

Turn off the electricity.


The first step before anything is to turn off the power. You can switch off the power to the whole house or just to the room you are working in. The decision will depend on the kind of mains you have. If you are skeptical about getting electrocuted, then switching off the power to the whole house will work for you. 


Unscrew the previous plate.


 With the power off, use your screwdriver to remove the two screws on your old plate. Ensure you keep these screws, as they will come in handy. Once the plate is removed, you can access the switch you want to be replaced. Ensure you pay attention to the way the switch is set up as you go along.


Remove the old light switch.


The old light switch will also be fastened to the wall with two other screws. Remove these as well to expose the electrical wires. You must master the connectivity since this is how you install the new switch.

You can see the terminal screws holding the wires with the wires out of the way. Take a mental note of this as well. You can also take a picture to know how to install the new installation. Loosen the terminal screws before you disconnect the wires. Once down, remove the old switch.


Install the new light switch.


One thing to need to remember is that the new switch should be reconnected the same way as the old one. Do not mess up the connectivity, as the switch will not work. You also risk getting electrocuted if you reconnect it badly. Refer to the picture you took in the previous step to reconnect the switches like they were in.

If your house’s old electrical setup is old, you might find no earthling wire for the old setup. In such a scenario, you will skip connecting the terminal ground wire since there is no space. The old models are usually houses built in the 1940s, so if your house is recent, you do not have to worry about that. Ensure you hook up everything the right way so your switches can work. Where in doubt, a quick Google search will help with this step.

As you hook up these electric wires, ensure you get the screws tightened enough. Turn the screws in until you are sure they are snug. That way, nothing will come loose once you start using the switch. Push the new switch into the wall and secure it flat against the surface.


Install the cover plate.


The last thing you need to ensure you do is to pop in the new cover plate. The step is pretty simple and will not require too much thought. Remove to secure it with the screws you removed in step two, and you are good to go. Turn the power back on and try the switch to see if it works. If there is an issue, repeat the steps above to see where you missed something.

Replacing a push button switch is simple, and you can do it yourself. All you need to remember is to get the terminals right, and you will be good to go. Once you master these steps, you can go for different types of push-button switches that will match your current aesthetics. 

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