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The role of the emergency button switch

by Huyu 11 May 2022 0 Comments
The emergency stop button can also be called emergency stop button, which is referred to as emergency stop button in the industry. As the name implies, the emergency stop button is a measure that people can quickly press this button to achieve protection when an emergency occurs.

In various factories, prominent red buttons can be seen on some large and medium-sized machinery, equipment or electrical appliances. The standard should have red fonts with the same meaning as emergency stop. Such buttons can be collectively referred to as emergency stop buttons.

This button just needs to be pressed straight down. It can quickly stop the whole equipment or release some transmission parts immediately. To start the device again, the button must be released, that is, just turn it clockwise about 45° and release it, and the pressed part will pop up.

In terms of action time, the time from closing to opening of the normally closed contact is much shorter than the time from the natural state to the closing of the normally open contact. This is especially important when a hazard requires an emergency stop.

In terms of button mechanism, whether the emergency stop button is a normally closed or normally open contact, if it is not pressed in place (pressed to the bottom), it will bounce up again, thereby invalidating the action.

When using normally open contacts, when the emergency stop button is not pressed in place, the emergency stop has no effect; when using normally closed contacts, it is different. Click the action, and the emergency stop will work.
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