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What is the difference between an emergency stop button switch and a normal button switch?

by Huyu 30 Sep 2022 0 Comments
Functionally, general-purpose push-button switches are used to control, such as starting or stopping a machine, often spring-returned; emergency-stop push-button switches are used as safety measures to stop harmful loads, and they are all locking push buttons. After going down, the emergency stop is triggered, and it needs to be reset manually.

In terms of color and appearance, the emergency stop button must be highly visible in color and shape, easy to identify, usually in the form of a red mushroom head, and must be easy to operate in an emergency.

In addition, the emergency stop button has a direct open circuit action device (forced disconnection device) on the NC contact, while the ordinary button does not. Because if the joints stick, the device cannot stop under hazardous conditions (load). If this occurs, the device may continue to operate in a detrimental state. Therefore, for safety applications, use NC contacts on emergency stop pushbutton switches. There is no difference between the ordinary button and the emergency stop button in the function of the NO contact.
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