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The difference between emergency stop button and ordinary button?

by Huyu 08 Jun 2022 0 Comments

1. What is the function of the emergency stop switch?
In fact, the so-called emergency stop switch is a main control electrical appliance. When the machine is in a dangerous state, use the emergency stop switch to cut off its power supply and stop the operation of the equipment to protect the safety of personnel and equipment. The general form of emergency stop switch is to press, lock and turn to release the red mushroom head push button switch or round push button switch, and some emergency stop switches are equipped with LED lights for easy operation. The working principle of emergency stop switches such as emergency stop switches is usually a manually controlled push button switch (the button is generally red), pressing the switch that locks the rotation and releasing the red mushroom head button or round push button switch, which is connected in series to the device's A control circuit, which is used to directly disconnect the power supply of the control circuit in an emergency to quickly stop the equipment and avoid abnormal operation.

2. What is the difference between an emergency stop button and a normal button?
1. From a functional point of view, general pushbutton switches are used to control machines, such as starting machine operations or stopping machines, and spring return is often used, while emergency stop pushbutton switches are used for safety. The measure to stop the harmful load is usually to lock the button, triggering an emergency stop after shooting, which requires a manual reset.

2. In terms of color and appearance, the emergency stop button must have high visibility in color and shape, be easy to identify, usually in the form of a red mushroom head, and must be easy to operate in an emergency. The color of the normal button will not have any requirements.

3. The emergency stop button has a direct open circuit action device (forced disconnection device) on the NC contact, while the ordinary button does not. Because if the contacts stick, the device will not be able to stop under hazardous conditions (load). If this happens, the equipment may continue to operate in a detrimental state, so for safety applications, use NC contacts on switches for emergency stop buttons.

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