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Button switch knowledge

by Huyu 22 May 2022 0 Comments

There are several kinds of button switches ?

1. Protective button, it has a protective appearance, some are dynamic break type or dynamic close type, and there is a kind of dynamic close and dynamic break button. With a signal light, it can issue instructions, and some call it an action click button. If divided by function, some are explosion-proof, radiation-proof or waterproof, some are used for emergency type, open type, and some are used for chain type or knob type. Some buttons are keyed or combined.

2. A push button switch is a switch that can be pushed on or off to realize circuit conversion by pushing a button. Its structure is relatively simple, but it is widely used in our daily life.

3. If it is divided according to its operation mode, some are open, and it is fixed on the flowering switch board. There is also a protective cover with a casing, which can prevent the button parts from being damaged, or the danger of electric shock from being touched by people.

4. There is also a waterproof type suitable for bathroom or kitchen use, with a sealed shell to prevent water intrusion. There are also anti-corrosion effects to prevent the intrusion of corrosive gases. Some have explosion-proof type or knob type.

5. For example, there is one kind of ordinary type, some with mushroom head or rotary handle, and some with indicator light or with key. Different types have different ways of using them. Some buttons will also be made into different colors, which can be distinguished. Among them are red, green, black, white. If it is red, it generally means stop, and green means it can start. Moreover, the parameter form of the button, including its size and the current of the contacts, are different. When using it, you need to wire it according to its instructions.

What are the types of switches

1. The button switch is only one type of switch. If the total switch is a switch, there are many types of it. Divided from the use, some have wave switch or power switch, control switch, wall switch, and some have the function of fire prevention.

2. If it is divided according to the structure, some are micro-moving or toggle, including button switches and point switches.

3. If classified according to the number of switches, some are single/double/multi-control switches, doorbell switches, smart switches, as well as touch-type, remote-control and Yuba-specific.
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